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Shar Ce~☆
6 December

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Owa~ I'm Shar, but many of you might know me as "Ce". I'm a drummer, gamer, jrock obsessed, seiyū addict, (and if you dare use the word); "Otaku".
My life currently pretty much revolves around my band and to put it simply, Japan. (often mainly focusing on a few more specific obsessions that fall under one of the two)
As for my journal... I have a rather crappy job right now that I am not always happy with so be prepared to hear about it quite a bit. You should also be warned and prepare yourself to hear a few repeated names because as much as any of us hate to admit I do tend to go into obsessive rants from time to time.
I try to keep my entries as interesting as possible but there are times when my life is far from that so you will have to bear with me when those times come. Whenever I do get the chance I love to share media, jrock to be specific...everything from mp3s, to PV/MVs, to screen caps and pics... anything I can. I do however keep entries containing such *Friends Only*, and I have no problem with adding you souly for downloading it, just let me know when you do add me whether you are just after that or are interested in actually being friends... I don't get on as often as I would hope so it keeps things a lot easier for me.
I have only one real peave/rule... I don't know why but I always have with everything from journal comments to IMs. If you find me and add me, please start commenting on my journal before expecting me to comment first. If I find and add you I will start first (unless you beat me to it). You could say I am not really comfortable with making the first moves... I have no problem with new people adding me so please feel free... whether you share a particular interest or you're just plain interested or feel like it. Most of the time I will glady add you back.

I am the Sun Ce of Livejournal.

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