Shar Ce~☆ (kawaiiyume) wrote,
Shar Ce~☆

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-Friends Only-

Owa! Took me a while to decide on doing this. Hell it's been over 6 years that I've been on here and have been public since. However after a lot of thinking it over, this is not only a lot safer but better for me now. There might still be a few things I leave open, stuff that I feel comfortable enough to. (Probably generic posts, non personal and polls... stuff like that)
I am really not too pickey when it comes to added people, so if you would like to be friends and add me you can leave a comment here (or just go ahead and add me) and I will gladly add you back. Owa!

I have also cleaned out all my old entries... So if some seem to be rather chunked off or don't seem to make sense, that would be why.
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